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Eastern Red Cedar Control Project 


This project specifically addresses the encroachment of the Eastern Red Cedar which grows on many soil types under varying climate conditions. It is this adaptability that has lead to the spread of the species. Generally, new cedars will spread outward from an established stand. Some years do not have the favorable conditions needed for seedlings to establish, but in good years there is significant establish-ment and spread. In the Sandhills, the spread of the ce-dars has been particularly evident along the rivers.

It is vitally important to stop the spread of unwanted trees and control them before they become a problem. Heavy infestations lead to greatly reduced forage production as well as creating difficulty in handling livestock. It is estimat-ed that a mature 20 year old tree canopy can cover 430 square feet and the forage under that canopy is very lim-ited, thus limiting carrying capacities. Each year that cedars are left untreated, forage losses will increase



  • This project is in response to the spread of the East-ern Red Cedar
  • Funded through a three year renewable grant through the Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund (NET)
  • Skid steer, tree shear, and flatbed trailer purchased through NET grant funds and owned by the Sandhills RC&D
  • Machine with operator is available for hire by land-owners wishing to control the spread of cedar trees
  • The Sandhills RC&D must provide the trained oper-ator for the machine  
  • Rental fees are solely based on a machine hour flat rate—$70 per hour—with no additional fees for opera-tor, travel, etc.
  • Contact the Sandhills RC&D office to schedule  
  • Office: 308 546-0636 or email:

Cedar Removal Project Brochure

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