Upcoming Events

April 2017

 4       Chemigation Training - 
                North Platte 1 PM CT

11      Chemigation Training - 
                 Valentine 1 PM CT

13      Board Meeting - 
                 ULNRD Office 7PM CT

22      Earth Day

28       Office Closed: Arbor Day

29      Boater Saftey- 
                 ULNRD Office 9 AM CT

May 2017

11       Board Meeting- 
                ULNRD Office 7 PM CT

29       Office Closed: Memorial Day 


June 2017

8              Board Meeting- 
                    ULNRD Office 7 PM CT

11-14       ACE Camp at 4-H Camp 
                    Halsey, NE






Upper Loup Natural Resources District


Mission statement: To conserve, develop, and manage natural resources to help protect lives, property, and future generations.


Upper Loup NRD
39252 Hwy 2

Thedford, NE  69166

Phone: 308-645-2250
Fax: 308-645-2308


The Upper Loup NRD is dedicated to the conservation, preservation, and wise use of natural resources.  We are based in Thedford and cover eight counties in the Sandhills area with a population of under 5,000. We are governed by 11 elected directors. The NRD and its programs are locally funded through property taxes and customer sales.

 The ULNRD is part of the Loup River Basin and is compomised of 6,690 square miles and includes all of Grant, Hooker, Thomas, Blaine, and Logan Counties and parts of McPherson, Brown, and Cherry Counties.

The distance from east to west is 120 miles, and from north to south is 78 miles and most of the 4,275,000 acres lies within the Nebraska Sand Hills.

NRDs under Nebraska State Law are charged with:

  • Erosion prevention and control
  • Prevention of damages from flood water and sediment
  • Flood prevention and control
  • Soil conservation
  • Water supply for any beneficial uses
  • Development, management, utilization and conservation of groundwater and surface water
  • Pollution control
  • Solid waste disposal and sanitary discharge
  • Drainage improvement and channel rectification
  • Development and management of fish and wildlife habitat
  • Development and management of recreational and park facilities
  • Forestry and range management