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Upcoming Events

 May 2016
   12      Board meeting -
                 ULNRD Office 7PM CT
   22      Boater Safety 2:30 PM CT
                 ULNRD Office
   30      Office Closed -
                 Memorial Day

 June 2016
   9        Public Hearing -
                 ULNRD Office 7pm CT
   9        Board meeting -
                 ULNRD Office 7PM CT
 12-15  ACE Camp at 4-H Camp,
                 Halsey, NE


Gopher Machine & Bait


Gopher Machine rental    $ 15.83 per day 

May pickup at the Thedford office or will deliver at a charge of $55.00
Sales Tax is charged on all rental equipment.

Gopher Bait is available for purchase by certified pesticide applicators.

50 lb bag    .5% Strychine  $ 150.00 per bag

*Bait prices subject to change when a new shipment is received.