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February 2018

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March 2018

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April 2018

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Groundwater Monitoring Well Network

Process: A 1 year grant ending this summer.  Partnering with the Environmental Trust and UNL Conservation and Survey Division.

The Upper Loup Natural Resources District is responsible for proper management of groundwater resources at the head waters of the Loup River system, including the North Loup and Calamus Rivers. The Upper Loup NRD works with its constituents to address management issues relating to water quantity, water quality and groundwater surface water relationships. The Conservation and Survey Division test-hole data base contains relatively sparse records in the Sand Hills even though it holds more groundwater in storage than any other part of the state. Informed management and public awareness requires the best data, analysis and observation to choose the proper path to sustainably managed water resources.

The principal objectives of this study include: drilling test holes for lithologic description, performing geophysical surveys of each test hole, placing, designing and installing shallow and deep groundwater monitoring wells, and installing continuous water level recorders and water quality sampling equipment in each monitoring well. This investigation and the infrastructure installed will provide more accurate hydrogeologic information about the High Plains Aquifer under a portion of the Nebraska Sandhills, and will provide for ongoing data collection relating to water quality and water quantity in the upper Calamus and North Loup River watersheds. The information may also be valuable for use in support of ground-water models and local resource management plans.