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October 2019

10  Board Meeting- ULNRD Office @ 7 pm CT

14  Columbus Day- ULNRD Office Closed

26-27  Firearm Hunter Education 1-6 pm CT @ULNRD office


November 2019

11 Veteran's Day- ULNRD Office Closed

14 Board Meeting- ULRND Office @ 7 pm CT

28 Thanksgiving Day- ULNRD Office Closed

29 ULNRD Office Closed


December 2019

12 Boarding Meeting- ULNRD Office @ 3

25 Christmas Day- ULNRD Office Closed



Clean Diesel Rebate 2018

The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality's 2018 Clean Diesel Rebate Program is now accepting applications for two types fo rebate-diesel truck replacements and agricultural irrigation pump diesel engine replacements. Applications must be submitted to NDEQ by December 15, 2018 to be considered. NDEQ established the Nebraska Clean Diesel Program in 2008 to distribute funding received from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for the purpose of reducing diesel emissions and improving air quality in the state. The number of rebates offered in each category listed below may be subject to change, depending on the number of applications received in each category. Rebates will be offered for:

Diesel Refuse Truck Replacements-- Funding will assist public and private refuse haulers with the early replacement of diesel refuse trucks with new, cleaner trucks. The new trucks may be powered by diesel engine sor by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engines that comply with stricter nitrogen oxide emission standards. NDEQ will reimburse 35% of the cost of a new CNG-fueled refuse truck up to a maximum of $110,000, or 25% of the cost of a new diesel truck up to a maximum of $70,000. NDEQ anticipates funding five refuse truck replacements. Individual applicants may apply for a rebate for up to two trucks.

Agricultural Irrigation Pump Diesel Engine Replacement-- Funding will assist farmers with the replacement of irrigation pump diesel engines with electric equipment. Diesel engines may be replaced with an electric motor to power a surface pump or by connecting an existing submersible pump directly to the electric grid. NDEQ will reimburse 60% of the cost of the electrical equipment, installation, and required electric line extension up to a maximum of $20,000. NDEQ anticipates funding twenty irrigation engine rebates. 

More information about the Nebraska Clean Diesel Rebate Program, including rebate appliccations, can be found at NDEQ's Clean Diesel Program webpage:

*The Nebraska Clean Diesel Rebate Program is separate and distinct from the Nebraska Diesel Emission Mitigation Program funded by the Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Environmental Mitigation Trust for State Beneficiaries. NDEQ has been designated to administer funds through this separate VW program, which is based on a federal court settlement. NDEQ has developed a mitigation plan to guide the use of these funds. For more information about Nebraska's program under the VW settlement, go to:



Hunter's Safety Course to be Held on October 13-14, 2018

You can now register for this season's Hunter's Safety Class that will be held on October 13-14 from 1-6pm each day. Registration will be open until October 12th. The class will be held at the Upper Loup NRD office in Thedford. You can sign up for the class at


Public Meeting Notice

The Niobrara River Basin Alliance will hold a Regular Board Meeting, at 10:00 a.m. CST on Monday, April 16, 2018 at the Middle Niobrara NRD, 303 East Highway 20, Valentine, NE.  An agenda of the matters to be considered at such date, time, and place is kept continually current, and is available for public inspection during normal business hours at the Upper Niobrara White Natural Resources District, 430 E 2nd Street, Chadron, Nebraska.  Persons who require auxiliary aids or special accommodations to attend or participate in the hearing should contact Patrick O’Brien at 308-432-6190 to make the necessary arrangements.


Upper Loup NRD has Director Opening in Sub-District 4

Natural Resource Districts (NRDs) have local leadership responsibility for protecting groundwater from overuse and pollution; soil conservation; planting trees and wildlife habitat; flood control; improving urban conservation; and recreation. Often, the NRD builds partnerships with other agencies and organizations, including the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, universities, municipalities, counties, and private organizations, in an effort to provide local control and local solutions to natural resources challenges.

The Upper Loup NRD is governed by an 11-member Board of Directors. The district is divided into 5 sub-districts; two board members are elected from each sub-district, and one at-large member is elected. Candidates for sub-district board positions must reside in the sub-district for which they are elected; the at-large board member must reside within the boundaries of the URNRD. Directors serve four-year terms, with half of the Board seats up for election every two years.

The Upper Loup Natural Resources District (NRD) is seeking an individual to fill a vacancy on the Board of Directors from the sub-district 4 area.  This area includes all of Blaine County and the southern portion of Brown County.  

The ULNRD Board of Directors is responsible for aiding in establishing District and conservation policies (NSWCP), rules and regulations, and adopting the necessary budget, in order to fulfill the responsibilities of the District as authorized and required by law.  The day-to-day management as well as helping establish policies, programs, rules and regulations is the General Manager’s responsibility.  Not only do the board members make decisions about conservation programs at the District level, they also bring a wealth of local judgment and experience when adapting state and national programs to local situations. 

The Board holds regularly scheduled monthly meetings on the second Thursday of every month at the NRD office in Thedford.      

Applicants need to submit a letter indicating their interest to serve to the Upper Loup NRD, 39252 Highway 2, Thedford, NE  69166 by Monday March 26th.  More information can be obtained by calling 308-645-2250. 



2018 Clean Diesel Rebate

The Department of Environmental Quality’s Nebraska Clean Diesel Rebate Program is offering rebates to replace eligible agricultural irrigation pump diesel engines with electric motors.

The application deadline for this program has been extended to 5:00 pm on February 15, 2018.

NDEQ will reimburse 60% of the cost of the new electric motor, instillation, and required electrical infrastructure (including electric service line extension) up to a maximum rebate of $16,200.

The pump engine owner is responsible for the remainder of the project costs (mandatory cost-share). Replacement incentives offered by electric service providers may be used to pay a portion of the mandatory cost-share. No other federal grant funds may be used to cover any portion of the mandatory cost-share.

In order to ensure emissions reductions are achieved through this program, the diesel engine being replaced must be permanently disabled within 90 days of replacement. Replacement projects must be completed by August 30, 2018.

NDEQ anticipates awarding rebates for five irrigation pump engine replacements. Individual applicants may submit one application for a rebate for one engine. The number of irrigation pump engine rebates will be determined by NDEQ after evaluating applications for all Nebraska Clean Diesel programs.

More information and application materials can be found at the following web page: http:/