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January 2019

1          New Year's Day- ULNRD Office Closed

10        Board Meeting- ULNRD Office @ 3pm CT

15        Hazard Mitigation Meeting- Mullen Village Office @ 6pm MT

16        Hazard Mitigation Meeting- ULNRD Office @ 9am CT

16        Hazard Mitigation Meeting- Logan County Courthouse @ 3pm CT

21        Martin Luther King Jr. Day- ULNRD Office Closed


February 2019

7          Board Meeting- ULNRD Office @ 3pm CT

18        President's Day- ULNRD Office Closed


March 2019

14         Board Meeting- ULNRD Office @3 pm CT






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New No-Till Drill Prices

There are many positive benefits of using a No-till drill such as increasing soil health, reducing runoff contaminant in surface waters, as well as reduced labor and fuel thus increasing net farm income.  The Upper Loup NRD is happy that it can provide two No-Till Drills—one 10 foot drill and one 20 foot for producers to use.  Due to the increased repairs that the NRD has had to perform, it is now policy that the drills will all be delivered by NRD personnel only starting November 1, 2014

New delivery rates are: $35.00 for deliveries 0-20 miles (one way) from the office, $55.00 for deliveries 21-60 miles (one way) from the office and for deliveries greater than 60 miles (one way) from the office the charge is $70.00.  Drill rental rates for the 10 foot drill for crop seed are $8.00 per acre plus tax. For the 10 foot drill for flower seed is a minimum of $75.00 or 12.5 acres at the $8.00 per ace plus tax. The 20 foot drill rents for $14.00 per acre plus tax.  If you have any questions or would like to rent the drill please contact Taylor at our office at 308-645-2250.

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