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January 2019

1          New Year's Day- ULNRD Office Closed

10        Board Meeting- ULNRD Office @ 3pm CT

15        Hazard Mitigation Meeting- Mullen Village Office @ 6pm MT

16        Hazard Mitigation Meeting- ULNRD Office @ 9am CT

16        Hazard Mitigation Meeting- Logan County Courthouse @ 3pm CT

21        Martin Luther King Jr. Day- ULNRD Office Closed


February 2019

7          Board Meeting- ULNRD Office @ 3pm CT

18        President's Day- ULNRD Office Closed


March 2019

14         Board Meeting- ULNRD Office @3 pm CT






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Go Green with the Upper Loup NRD

One of the services provided to residents of the Upper Loup NRD is the opportunity to recycle! Chances are, if you live in any of the major communities in the ULNRD there is probably a recycle trailer somewhere in your town. The ULNRD has trailers in Dunning, Halsey, Hyannis, Mullen, Thedford, Stapleton, and Brownlee. For exact locations of those trailers in your town visit our website and look under the Project and Progress tab or give us a call! Materials accepted by our trailers are 1 and 2 plastics, aluminum, tin, paper, and carboard. We also provide electronic recycling in Thedford at the ULNRD office, Security First Bank, Ewoldt’s Grocery Store, and the Thomas County Courthouse. In Mullen electronics can be dropped off at Nebraskaland National Bank. These locations accept old calculators, cell phones and pagers, eBook readers, digital and video cameras, GPS and radar detectors, inkjet cartridges, Ipods, Ipads, and MP3 players. We do not accept batteries!

Recycling is easy! There are just a few things we ask that you do to keep processing as easy and efficient as possible. First check your plastics for a small 3 arrow triangle, usually found on the bottom of the container or bottle. If there is a 1 or a 2 in that triangle, good news! Your item can be recycled here! There is no need to remove the lid, cap, or label off of your plastic recyclables just please rinse them out. The same goes for aluminum and tin. We do not need you to remove labels but rinsing the cans out would be greatly appreciated. With cardboard, we ask that you please flatten your boxes before putting them in our recycle trailers. Also, there is no need to remove staples from any papers that you might be recycling.

There are a few things we do not recycle. Some of those include Styrofoam, plastic bags, glass, wax paper, livestock supplement tubs, feed sacks with plastic liner, motor oil containers, paper towels and tissues, aerosol cans, napkins, plastic wrap, plastic or wax coated boxes, and tarps. We also do not accept heavily dyed paper or batteries.

Why should you recycle? Because it’s good for the environment! Did you know, 1 tin can saves enough energy to run a TV for 3 hours! What do you do with your newspapers after you read them? 250 million trees could be saved EACH YEAR if all of our newspaper was recycled. There is a lot of trash the can be recycled but people usually don’t take the time to. 30% of all waste is recycled while 70% can actually be recycled. Do your part to help keep the Sandhills and our world beautiful!

For more information on programs by the Upper Loup NRD check out upcoming articles! If you have any questions about recycling in our district or want more information check out our website,, call us at 308-645-2250, or visit us in Thedford! We would love to hear from you!

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