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February 2018

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March 2018

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April 2018

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Boater Saftey Education

   Boating Safety Courses teach students how to safely operate a motorized boat while following all rules and regulations. Topics covered include navigation and safe operation, Nebraska laws, and emergency preparedness. Anyone born after December 31, 1985 is required to successfully complete a Boating Safety Course and possess a course certificate while operating a boat or personal watercraft. You must be at least 14 years of age to operate a motorboat or personal watercraft in Nebraska.
   A homestudy option boater safety course will be offered Saturday, April 29th from 9 am to 12pm CST at the ULNRD office. This course will require 3 hours of study prior to the 29th . Study materials are available online. The session on the 29th will then be a short review and test session. There is no fee to attend this training. Please preregister by April 21st by calling Kevin Bergstrom at 308-520-1031 or email


Chemigation Training for 2017

Chemigation is the injection and application of agricultural chemicals into an irrigation system to be applied to soil, crops, or both. Several irrigators across our district use chemigation to apply fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides to their fields. Chemigation insures that the rate of application is precise and the application timing is exactly when the plant needs it to maximize results.

A benefit of chemigation is that it can be used to apply nitrogen fertilizers. When this method is used, nitrate leaching is reduced as well as the possibility for nitrate contamination.

Chemigation also has its risks, including the protentional for accidental groundwater contamination through backflow into the well. Backflow happens when water and chemicals are siphoned back into the well when normal operations are interrupted. To avoid this contamination, the appropriate chemigation equipment and system must be set-up, operated and maintained. Without the right equipment, a chemigation permit will be denied.

State law requires that irrigators obtain a permit from the local Natural Resource District yearly before chemigation can begin. Permit fees are due by June 1 and expire at midnight May 31 the following year. To view the permit fees through the Upper Loup NRD please visit our website at  or call the office at 308-645-2250.

New permits for wells must be inspected before a permit may be issued. If you will be putting in a new system, please contact Shane at 308-645-2250 to set up an appointment for inspection. Current chemigation systems need to be inspected every 3 years. The Upper Loup NRD will be mailing out renewal permits May 1, 2017 and are due back to the office NO LATER than June 1, if permits are not in the office by that date the operator will be considered non-compliant.

If you plan to apply chemicals, you MUST ATTEND one of the courses and pass a written exam to be certified. Certification is good for four years and can be renewed though a course. The local dates for chemigation training this year are:

Feb. 23, 9:00 AM @ Courthouse, Stapleton, contact Chuck Burr 308-696-6783

Feb. 27, 1:00 PM @ Custer County Fair Grounds, contact Troy Ingram 308-754-5422

Feb. 28, 1:00 PM @ West Central Res. & Ext Center, 402 West State Farm Rd, North Platte, contact Chuck Burr 308-696-6783

Mar. 1, 8:30 AM & 1:30 PM @ Extension Office, Alliance, contact John Thomas 308-762-5616

Mar. 10, 1:00 PM @ West Central Res & Ext Center, 402 West State Farm Road, contact Chuck Burr 308-696-6783


Tree Planting Services Available at Upper Loup NRD

Spring is fast approaching and so is tree planting season! The Upper Loup NRD provides many tree services from planning, planting, weed barrier installation or weed control, drip irrigation, and small acreage packages. Trees are important for the environment, they provide benefits such as producing shelter for livestock, supplying wildlife habitat, preventing soil erosion, increasing crop yields, and helping to reduce heating and cooling costs.

A wide variety of bareroot trees and shrubs are available for purchase through early May, a comprehensive list is on our website. If you aren’t sure what types of trees you would like, you may consider the popular acreage packages. Each package contains 10 trees of 5 different species suited for each purpose. The West package contains Colorado Blue Spruce, Rocky Mountain Juniper, Native Cottonwood, Sandcherry, and Gambel Oak trees. The East package offers Southwestern White Pine, Colorado Blue Spruce, Swamp White Oak, Red-osier Dogwood, and Serviceberry trees. Another package is made up of trees especially suited for wildlife. Those trees include American Plum, Red-osier Dogwood, Woods Rose, Gambel Oak, and Sandcherry. The last package offered consists of flowering trees such as Nanking Cherry, Sandcherry, Serviceberry, Red-osier Dogwood, and Caragana.

Please call us at 308-645-2250 or visit our website at and look under the Tree link for more information about prices, services, and species available.   


2017 Adventure Camp about the Environment Dates Announced

Nebraska’s NRDs announce the 2017 Adventure Camp about the Environment on June 11-14, 2017, at the 4-H Camp in Halsey, Nebraska. The four day camp is for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Explore Nebraska’s natural resources with hands-on activities including fishing, water activities, zip line, and more! For more information contact the Upper Loup NRD or visit and click on Camps & Scholarships under the Education tab.


ULNRD Hosted North Central Land Judging Contest

Nebraska’s Natural Resources Districts provide many educational activities for students across the state every year. One of these activities for high school students is area Land Judging contests. This year, the Upper Loup Natural Resource District held the North Central Land Judging contest in Logan County.

On a chilly October morning, over 150 students in the North Central region of the state gathered at the Arnold Community Center to compete for a chance to make it to the state contest. High school students from Arcadia, Broken Bow, Callaway, Fullerton, Loup City, Ord, Palmer, St. Edward, Twin River and Verdigre schools put their skills to the test on October 6th.

Land Judging challenges students to gain a better understanding of soil structure and land evaluation. Land judging enables each participant to learn how to recognize the physical features of the soil, determine land capability for crop production, and evaluate management practices needed for proper stewardship. Soil, land and home-site evaluation provide a setting for students to investigate the soils in their region, the environment that surrounds them and their effect on their daily lives.

The top four schools were invited to compete in the state competition on October 26th in Pleasanton, Nebraska. From the North Central contest, Fullerton placed first, Palmer finished in second place, third place went to Verdigre, and finishing in fourth place was Ord.

The final results from the North Central contest, as well as the Nebraska Land Judging state contest can be found at

Many months of planning and organizing are put into preparing for these contests that involve hundreds of students. Larry Schultz from the Lower Loup NRD, and Chuck Markley from the North Platte NRCS brought their years of expertise to help the Upper Loup NRD run this contest. Staff members from the Upper Loup NRD, NRCS in Thedford, NRCS in Broken Bow, NRCS in North Platte, and other volunteers happily took time out of their day to help transfer students between stations, read instructions, score the students’ cards and other activities. Overall, the contest was a success and finished just in time before the rain and sleet began to fall.