Upcoming Events

August 2018

9 Board Meeting-

ULNRD Office 7 PM CT

22 ULNRD Jr High Field Day

24    Nebraska State Fair Begins


September 2018

3  Labor Day- Office Closed

11-13 Husker Harvest Days

13    Board Meeting-

ULNRD Office 7 PM CT






 Learning Center to be available at ULNRD

The overall goal of the Learning Center is to provide a location where persons of all ages have the opportunity to learn about natural resources and environmental stewardship.  In addition, offer a place for those in the industry to attend trainings and for local citizens to gather to discuss all things concerning natural resources and the environment

The site will provide a comfortable, safe, well-equipped and central facility that can be used for information sharing, training, instruction and hands-on experiences on a variety of topics.  Such topics would include but not be limited to: sustainable land management practices, water conservation, water quality, invasive species, recycling and waste management, wetlands, wildlife, new technology, best management practices, etc.

The Center would be available to local schools, communities, organizations and the general public for functions.

The NRD will be converting the existing shop and water lab into the learning center.  The space will be able to accommodate up to 50 people sitting comfortably.   It will be a sizable open room with a small kitchen area in one of the corners.  There will be easily portable tables and chairs that can be arranged to adjust to the needs of any user. Several outlets and data ports will be placed around the room. The room will store NRD library resources such as books, magazines, DVDs, and CD’s that are available for people to check out.