Upcoming Events

November 2018

8          Board Meeting- ULNRD Office @ 7 pm CT

11        Veteran's Day

12        ULNRD Office Closed

22        Thanksgiving-ULNRD Office Closed

23        Black Friday- ULNRD Office Closed    


December 2018

13         Board Meeting- ULNRD Office @ 3 pm CT

25         Christmas Day-ULNRD Office Closed


January 2019

1          New Year's Day- ULNRD Office Closed

10        Board Meeting- ULNRD Office @ 3pm CT

15        Hazard Mitigation Meeting- Mullen Village Office @ 6pm MT

16        Hazard Mitigation Meeting- ULNRD Office @ 9am CT

16        Hazard Mitigation Meeting- Logan County Courthouse @ 3pm CT

21        Martin Luther King Jr. Day- ULNRD Office Closed






Small Acreage Tree Package


Trees provide important benefits such as protecting homes and livestock from wind and snow, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs, preventing soil erosion, increase crop yields, and providing wildlife habitat. Small acreage tree packages are available through the Upper Loup NRD at $60.00 plus tax. Cost-share is NOT available on these packages. To order contact the Upper Loup NRD 308-645-2250. For more information about the species of trees and shrubs listed, please visit Conservation Trees for Nebraska

West Package: (Contains 10 each of the following species)

Ponderosa Pine

Rocky Mountain Juniper


Nanking Cherry


East Package:
(Contains 10 each of the following species)

Austrian Pine

Ponderosa Pine

Swamp White Oak

Nanking Cherry

Cotoneaster, Centennial

Wildlife Package:
(Contains 10 each of the following species)

American Plum

Currant, Golden

Woods Rose

Nanking Cherry

McKenzie Chockeberry

Flowering Package:
(Contains 10 each of the following species)

Nanking Cherry

Dogwood, Gray