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February 2018

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March 2018

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April 2018

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Conservation Trees for Nebraska Guide

The Upper Loup NRD offers: tree planning, tree planting, weed barrier installation or weed control, and drip irrigation. Tree planning is a free service and needs to be done in the late winter or early spring months. Call Shane at 308-645-2250 to set up an appointment.

Learn more about Natural Resources Districts Tree Program in this video from NET

Tree Planting

The Upper Loup NRD is accepting orders for trees to be planted in the spring. Orders will be taken through February or while inventory remains. These low-cost seedling trees are made available for the planting of farm and livestock windbreaks, wildlife habitat, living snow fences, and other multipurpose plantings.
The Upper Loup NRD sells trees to anyone within the district. Trees may be purchased as hand plants (planted by the purchaser) or machine plants (planted by the NRD). Seedlings are two years old and approximately 12" to 18" tall and are offered bare root or a few species are offered potted. Trees and shrubs purchased through ULNRD may not be re-sold with the roots still attached.

Tree Planting Guide

Caring For Newly Planted Trees

Hand-plant trees are mainly purchased for small windbreaks, ornamental purposes or as replants. The NRD does not assist cooperators with planting these trees. They are made available for pickup at the ULNRD office in Thedford or arrangements can be made for delivery.

Bare Root Hand Planting Guide

To Order Hand-Plant Trees: use our on-line order form or download an order form in PDF format or request an order form from NRD or call the office at 308-645-2250.

Machine Plants
The ULNRD provides machine planting service for plantings of 100 or more trees and/or shrubs.
The Tree Planter is also available for rent to plant. Rental cost is .10 per tree and there is no delivery available on the tree planter. Contact the ULNRD to make a reservation.

To Order Machine Plant Trees: contact your county Natural Resources Conservation Service office or the ULNRD. The NRD and NRCS will help you develop a tree planting plan free of charge. This includes determining how many trees or shrubs you will need, the best location for your planting and the species that fit your specific needs.

Cost Share
Tree planting may qualify for either state or federal cost-share, available at a rate of 65% of the total cost. Cost-share is available when NRD crews machine plant seedlings or when a cooperator hand plants seedlings to federal specifications. A 100 tree minimum purchase is required to apply for state cost-share.

Tree Species

The NRD purchases the majority of its stock from Bessey Nursery in Halsey, Nebraska. Species availability may vary from year to year.




Bare Root Trees Only                   Potted Conifers Handplants                  Fabric Conservation Mulch                                                      

$.95 each                                                       $3.50 planting                                 $.43 per foot         

$.05 sales tax                                                $  .19 sales tax                                $.02 sales tax 

$1.00 total                                                        $3.69 total                                        $.45 per foot

(25 species minimum)                


Trees & machine planting               Trees, planting, mulch & installation                         Drip line

 $.32/linear foot                                                     $1.15/linear foot                               Available for purchase
(200 tree minimum)                                           (200 tree minimum)



TREE PLANTER RENTAL RATES (no delivery available on tree planter)
Tree Planter — $0.10 / tree + tax 


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