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May 2017

11       Board Meeting- 
                ULNRD Office 7 PM CT

29       Office Closed: Memorial Day 


June 2017

1               Chemigation Permit 
                    Renewals Due

5-9           Youth Range Camp at 4-H Camp 
                    Halsey, NE

8              Board Meeting- 
                    ULNRD Office 7 PM CT

11-14       ACE Camp at 4-H Camp 
                    Halsey, NE






Yard Enhancement Program


The Yard Enhancement Program is available to any resident in the district, both in urban and rural settings. The Yard Enhancement program:

•Adds beauty and improves personal health
•Provides privacy and sense of solitude and security
•Reduces air pollution
•Conserves water and reduces soil erosion
•Lowers air temperature
•Reduces noise
•Reduces glare and reflections
•Provides shade and shelters from wind
•Cleans air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen
•Slows rainfall runoff in the urban environment


The homeowner submits an application to the Upper Loup NRD. The application shall include the homeowner's name and contact information as well as the number and species of trees to be planted and tree location. Applications will be funded according to availability of NRD funds. Applications will be reviewed by the NRD Board and staff on a first come, first served basis. An application not funded (due to lack of NRD funds) will be kept on file for the following year.

The Upper Loup NRD will examine the planting/yard site PRIOR TO the application's approval or denial. The homeowner will be notified in writing of approval or denial within a reasonable amount of time. The application will be automatically disqualified if the tree(s) have been planted prior to NRD approval.

•Completed application must be submitted to the ULNRD

•The ULNRD will provide examination of site prior to approval

•Trees must be planted on homeowners property listed on the application

•No more than 2 trees will be reimbursed per property,per year. 50% cost-share, not to exceed $50.00 per tree

•Trees must be a minimum of 6 feet high with a ¾ inch caliber; Tree planting must be completed within a 12 month period

•Trees must be purchased from stock inspected by the State of Nebraska or from a reputable nursery

•Trees shall either be balled and burlapped, container-grown, or moved to the planting site with a tree spade.

It is recommended, upon planting, to mulch approximately 4-6 inches away from the base of the tree(which will help prevent disease) and a diameter of 3 feet and 2 inches deep (which helps conserve water and reduce weeds).

The Upper Loup NRD will provide 50% matching funds of the total purchase price to those trees meeting the above guidelines. Once the ULNRD has inspected the planting and received a copy of the tree receipt and a copy of the approved application, the landowner will be reimbursed.

Yard Enhancement Application