Upcoming Events


April 2019

16          School Presentations @ Mullen Public Schools

23          Hazard Mitigation Meeting @ Mullen, Village Office - 6PM Mt

24          Hazard Mitigation Meeting @ Thedford, ULNRD Office- 9AM Ct

24          Hazard Mitigation Meeting @ Stapleton, Logan Co Courthouse- 6PM Ct

25          School Presentation @ Stapleton Schools


May 2019

9           Board Meeting- ULNRD Office @ 7pm CT

16         ULNRD Learning Center Open House @ 4pm CT

27         Memorial Day- ULNRD Office Closed


June 2019

14         Board Meeting- ULNRD Office @ 7pm CT

16-19   ACE Camp @ 4H Camp- Halsey





The Upper Loup NRD will conduct a public hearing prior to the next board meeting on Thursday, May 9, 2019 to receive written and oral public testimony in regards to proposed amendments to the Upper Loup NRD Ground Water Management Area Rules and Regulations. The revisions include clearly defining the definitions of active status water well, Rule 4.05 and inactive well, Rule 4.51, remove the wording "other than a water sourced used to water range livestock" from Rule 16.03, remove wording "irrigation/commerical livestock" from Rule 16.05, and removal of flowmeter installation dates for Sub-District 4 and 5 from Rules 19.01 and 28.07.

The hearing will be at the Upper Loup NRD office, 39252 Highway 2, Thedford, NE 69166. A full "red lined" text copy of the amended Ground Water Management Area Rules and Regulations can be seen here.



2019 ACE Camp Registration can be found here.





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